Sub-speciality interest: Malignant melanoma

Melanoma Publications

1. Stone CA, Goodacre TEE. Surgical management of regional lymph nodes in primary cutaneous malignant melanoma.British Journal Surgery 1995; 82: 1015-22.
2. Stone CA. Does sentinel node biopsy increase the risk of in transit disease in patients with malignant melanoma?British Journal of Plastic Surgery 2005; 58: 738-9.
3. Ali-Khan AS, Crundwell M, Stone CA. Iliac lymphadenectomy for melanoma. In: Evidence for Plastic Surgery, TFM Publishing 2007 (ISBN 1-903378-50-8).
4. Newton-Dunn E, Hong M, Hong M, Stone CA. What is the role of CT staging in the management of patients with clinical Stage 1 and 2 Malignant Melanoma? European Journal of Plastic Surgery 2007; 30: 7-9.
5. Sinha A, Rees-Lee JE, Sanders DJ, Stone CA. Sentinel lymph node biopsy for cutaneous melanoma – a new procedure for the BADS directory? Journal of One-day Surgery 2009; 19: 14-19.
6. Ali-Khan AS, Crundwell M, Stone CA. Inguinal lymphadenectomy combined with staging endoscopic pelvic node sampling for stage III melanoma.JPRAS 2009; 62: 1063-7.

Melanoma Presentations

1. Endoscopic pelvic lymph node dissection for melanoma. Melanoma Study Group meeting, 2006.
2. Sentinel lymph node biopsy as a local anaesthetic day-case procedure. BAPS 2005.
3. Sentinel node biopsy in clinical stage 1 & 2 melanoma. Plastic Surgery Updates, Belle Plagne 2005.
4. Extended iliac node clearance in patients with melanoma using an endoscopic approach. BAPS, 2005 and Melanoma Study Group meeting, 2006.
5. What is the role of CT staging in the management of stage 1 & 2 melanoma? BAPRAS 2007.
6. Sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma. SWAG 2009.
7. Exeter melanoma unit: 5 years’ experience. UK Consensus for Melanoma SNB, 2009.

Other Presentations

1. Non-attendance at outpatient clinics: a waste of time and money: BAPS 1997.
2. The Hyphecan cap: a biological fingertip dressing: BSSH annual meeting 1998.
3. Wound healing at skin graft donor sites dressed with Hyphecan: BBA annual meeting 1999.
4. Microsurgical vasovasostomy: technique and results in 10 patients. BAPS 2005.
5. Reducing mortality rates for necrotising fasciitis due to Gp A Streptococcal infection. BAPS, 2005.

Faculty Member & Chaired sessions

1. Royal College of Surgeons Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy instructional course, Hull 2004.
2. Skin malignancy: BAPS summer meeting, 2005. Co-chairman Mr B W E M Powell.
3. Skin malignancy: BAPS winter meeting, 2005. Co-chairman Mr D Ross.
4. Lower limb / Sarcoma / Skin: BAPRAS summer meeting, 2006. Co-chairman Mr G Perks.

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