Sub-specialty interest: Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Sarcoma Management Positions

Clinical lead for the Exeter Sarcoma Service since 2001, tumour panel member of the South West Cancer Intelligence Service sarcoma group 2001-08, Chair of the Peninsula Cancer Network Sarcoma Site Specific Group 2006-09 and Committee Member of the Pensinsula Cancer Network Specialist Advisory Committee 2007-09.

Sarcoma Publications

  1. 1. Chan C, Collins C, Daniel F, Dixon J, Halawa M, Hurren J, Foot A, Skene A, Smith M, Stone C, Wakeley C, Wilson P. Soft tissue sarcoma: Standards and guidelines for the management of soft tissue tumours. South West Public Health Observatory, 2004.
  2. 2. Awasthi R, O’Neill JK, Keen CE, Sarsfield PT, Devaraj VS, Stone CA, Smith ME. Biphasic solitary fibrous tumour: a report of two cases with epithelioid features. Virchow Arch 2005; 22: 1-5.
  3. 3. O’Neill JK, Stone CA, Sarsfield P, Smith M, Smithson SF, Silver D, Devaraj VS. An association of multiple well differentiated liposarcomas, lipomatous tissue and hereditary retinoblastoma. Sarcoma 2005; 9: 151-6.
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  7. 7. Gilleard O, Stone CA, Devaraj V. Synovial Sarcoma within the Carpal Tunnel of a Child: Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy and Microvascular Reconstruction. Journal of Hand Surgery 2009; 34: 405-6.
  8. 8. Seaward JR, Wilson PA, Stone CA. Computer-aided surgical planning in the treatment of soft tissue sarcoma. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons 2010; 92(8); 639-42.

Sarcoma Presentations

  1. 1. Giant subfascial lipomas presenting to a sarcoma service. BAPS 2002.
  2. 2. The surgical management of soft tissue sarcoma. Plastic Surgery Updates, Belle Plagne 2005.
  3. 3. Lotus-assisted soft tissue sarcoma resection and reconstruction: the Exeter experience. BAPRAS 2006.
  4. 4. Computer-assisted planning in soft tissue sarcoma surgery. BAPRAS 2006.
  5. 5. An audit of the management and outcome of soft tissue sarcoma within a regional referral centre. British Sarcoma Group 2007.
  6. 6. Synovial Sarcoma and SLNB. British Sarcoma Group 2007.

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