NHS whistle-blowing: at what personal cost?

NHS whistle-blowing is again in the news with the revelation that Great Ormond Street Hospital imposed a constructive dismissal settlement gagging order on a consultant who raised concerns about a reduction in junior doctors numbers.

GOS-Hospital-gagged-doctor-who-raised-concernsPatients First UK representative, David Johnstone, spoke to the Devon and Exeter Medico-legal Association (DEMLA) about the challenges that still remain in changing the culture of secrecy within the NHS in the move towards greater transparency, and a duty of candour, called for by the Francis report.

He pointed out that whistle blowers are rarely treated as heroes, and that more often than not they face financial and reputational ruin.

The NHS can learn much from the airline industry where the identification of risks threatening the lives of passengers is regarded as something to be encouraged and rewarded.
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