Christopher Anthony Stone FRCS(Plast)
Consultant in Reconstructive & Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Clinical Research & Audit Publications

An overview of Mr Stone's publications

Paraskevaides EC, Stone C. Cervical excitation and adnexal mass caused by Meckel's diverticulitis. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1989; 10: 156. 

Stone CA, Payne S. Perineally based scrotal skin flap for covering the inguino-scrotal defect resulting from radical removal of scrotal mesothelioma. BJU 1993; 71: 621-2. 

Stone CA, Dunn K. Managing ulceration of the breast. BMJ 1995; 310: 328. 

Stone CA, Dunn K. Vinylpyridine: an unusual cause of chemical burn. Burns 1996; 22:150-1. 

Halim A, Stone CA, Devaraj VS. The Hyphecan cap. Injury 1998; 29: 261-3. 

Stone CA, Quinn MW, Saxby PJ. Congenital skin loss following Nd:YAG placental photocoagulation. Burns 1998; 24: 275-7. Author’s reply: Burns 1999; 25: 367. 

Stone CA, Saxby PJ. Prospective randomised controlled trial of preservation of the intercostobrachial nerve during axillary node clearance for breast cancer. BJS 1999; 86: 281. 

Stone CA, Pape SA. Evolution of the Emergency Management of Severe Burns course (EMSB) in the UK. Burns 1999; 25: 262-4. 

Stone CA, Palmer JH, Saxby PJ, Devaraj VS. Reducing non-attendance at outpatient clinics. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 1999; 92: 114-118. 

Stone CA, Clarke T, Wright H, Powell R, Devaraj VS. Healing at skin graft donor sites dressed with chitosan. BJPS 2000; 53: 601-6. 

Stone CA. Can a picture really paint a thousand words? Aesth Plast Surg 2000; 24:185-91. 

Stone CA, Dubbins PA, Morris RJ. Use of colour duplex Doppler imaging in the post-operative assessment of buried free flaps. Microsurgery 2001; 21: 223-7. 

Wilson A, Stone C. Reversed digital artery island flap in the elderly. Injury 2004; 35:507-10. 

O'Neill J, Stone CA. A novel technique of hair control during face lift surgery. BJPS 2005; 58: 741-2. 

Tillett RL, Saxby PJ, Stone CA, Morgan MS. Group A streptococcal necrotising fasciitis masquerading as mastitis in a lactating breast. The Lancet 2006; 368: 174. 

Tillett R, Ward T, Morgan M, Stone CA. An evidence base for the management of necrotising fasciitis. In: Stone CA (Ed). Evidence for Plastic Surgery, TFM Publishing 2008. 

Wilson A, Stone CA. Timing and method of soft tissue reconstruction in patients with IIIb tibial fractures. In: Stone CA (Ed). Evidence for Plastic Surgery, TFM Publishing 2008. Potter JA, Stone CA. Evidence for Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy. Basic Science and Clinical Practice. In: Stone CA (Ed). Evidence for Plastic Surgery, TFM Publishing 2008. 

Pollard RLE, Crundwell M, Stone C. Microsurgical Vasovasostomy: A Combined Urological and Plastic Surgical Approach. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 2008; 122 (5): 160-1e. 

Ali-Khan AS, Moonesamy V, Palmer J, Stone CA. Meralgia paraesthetica following intramuscular injection: a case series. European Journal of Plastic Surgery 2008; 30: 297-9. 

Downs AMR, Bower CB, Oliver DW, Stone CA. Methyl aminolaevulinate–photodynamic therapy for actinic keratoses, squamous cell carcinoma in situ and superficial basal cell carcinoma employing a square wave intense pulsed light device for photoactivation. Br J Dermatol 2009; 161: 189-90. 

Stone AJ, Downs AM, Stone CA. Healthcare IT: An all-or-nothing opportunity for some patients? British Journal of Healthcare Management 2015; 21(6): 289-91. 

Miscellaneous Presentations (primary or senior author) 

Non-attendance at outpatient clinics: a waste of time and money: BAPS 1997. 

The Hyphecan cap: a biological fingertip dressing: BSSH annual meeting 1998. 

Evolution of the Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB) Course in the UK: Australian and New Zealand Burn Association annual meeting 1998 and BAPS 1998. 

Wound healing at skin graft donor sites dressed with Hyphecan: BBA annual meeting 1999. 

Microsurgical vasovasostomy: technique and results in 10 patients. BAPS 2005. 

Reducing mortality rates for necrotising fasciitis due to GpA Streptococcal infection. BAPS 2005. 

Information technology awareness among surgical dermatology patients. EADV 2015.

All instructions for reporting in both clinical negligence and personal injury cases can be directed to Mr Stone's Secretary, Tracey.

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